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“This campaign is about people—and the values we share.”

The people in MI-03 value hard work and service, and we deserve a leader who will always keep their word and stand up for our shared values. Here’s the thing: I can’t do this on my own.

I will stand up to special interests—so today, I’m asking you to step up so we can flip MI-03. Sign up today and be part of our team from the start!



I grew up on a dirt road in the small town of Ionia, Michigan. My dad was a Baptist minister and civil rights worker and my mom was a social worker in the public school system. I attended school at a rural two-room country schoolhouse—it’s one of the oldest functioning public schoolhouses in the state.

I know life isn’t always easy, but our job is to make it better. The role models I encountered in that small town influenced my outlook to this day. My grandfather, an Oldsmobile man and proud UAW member, would say I’m running to “fix things” because that’s what our leaders should be doing. And right now, West Michigan could use a hand up.

Throughout my career as a public servant and attorney, I worked as President Obama’s personal aide during his time in the Senate, and then in the Office of the White House Counsel. I’ve served as General Counsel, Assistant City Treasurer, and Senior Advisor to the City Treasurer of Chicago, helping neighborhoods fund innovative community initiatives.

I moved back home to West Michigan to use my experience to support the communities that did so much for me. As an attorney, I specialize in public financing for infrastructure and economic development projects to help our communities thrive.

I’m running for office because I’m committed to putting Michigan families and our local economy ahead of the demands of special interests.

I’ll stand up to the big drug and insurance companies to make sure health care in Michigan is affordable and available to every person in our district.

But I can't do this on my own—and I hope you’ll be with me from the start.

Thank you,